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Biotrickling filter

Biotrickling filter
Benefit from the advantages of the biofilter and of the counter current scrubber in one single system. Thanks to the high specific surface of the packing material and the controllable irrigation a demanding concentration of contaminants like H2S can be treated in a compact system.

Similar to the biofilter, the biotrickling filter is a biological odour control with the difference that the sorption of contaminants takes place in a trickling bed instead of a filter bed. This packing is in its construction similar to the one in a packing scrubber. The difference is that it is loaded with a much lower irrigation density.

Your benefits:

  • Space-saving plant due to construction in height
  • Higher life time of the carrier media than biomedia in biofilters
  • Controllable Milieu conditions through regulation of water supply, automation of pH and drainage as well as dosation of required nutrients by bacteria
  • Durable construction

Exhibitor: Tholander Ablufttechnik GmbH

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